Helping You Heal at Counseling Recovery 

How I can help you

I help people struggling in their relationships.  You've tried to talk things out, give in, or wait for the something to change...but nothing works. You find yourself choosing their needs over yours. That's a hard way to do relationships.

It doesn't have to stay that way. You can learn from those painful experiences and make the next relationship better - or improve the one you're still in.

When you see what didn't work you can learn what does. The end result isn't your fault, but you can change your part. You're looking for a solution. You just need the right kind of help.

I love helping others gain control over their emotions so they can feel confident and empowered in relationships. My clients have told me that the tools they learned were simple and easy to practice.

Finding the solution

Working with me, you'll learn how to create healthier relationships and feel better about yourself. Together we can focus on:

  • Learning to tell your truth, (or figure out what it is) 
  • Managing anger without hurting others 
  • Getting sober or decreasing substance use that might be straining your relationships
  • Unlearning codependent struggles like people pleasing, and poor boundaries 
  • Learning how to communicate so that you can get your needs met
  • Feeling more confident in who you are without having to change

A little about me 

Like some of you, I had trouble getting my needs met in relationships. In my early twenties I started working on myself. I joined groups, did my own therapy and participated in lots of workshops. I got to work with John Bradshaw, who did inner child work (kind of a big deal back then.) Getting the right support made being a therapist so much richer for me! I understood the pain and what it took to heal. That's why I love my work because I get it. I get the struggle and the resistance to change but I also know what's it like to be on the other side of it.

Feeling accepted and supported changed my life and that's what I want for you.

In 1997, I got my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at the College of Notre Dame, Belmont. After doing counseling for about five years, I took time off to raise my son. 

My Experience

I've helped people in 12 step recovery for many years. I've taught anger management classes and fell in love with that work! I also love helping people heal their relationshipscodependency, anger, alcoholism, in substance abuse recovery, struggle with compulsive overeating, couples work, depression, grief, divorce and co-parenting.

Growth is a challenging, rewarding process when you start to see changes. I've seen people get excited about life again as they practice new skills and let go of beliefs that no longer serve them. We can only change ourselves and accept the things we cannot control because that is where you'll find peace.


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You Are Not Alone

I believe that accountability can transform our relationships.  Working together, you'll face what's happening so that you are not alone. 

Please call or text me at (408) 800-5736, or email me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.