ParentCare in San Jose

There are many great books on parenting but what about the parents? Taking care of children while balancing work, the house and our kids' activities can be exhausting. As parents we focus on caring for our family but often forget that we still need to take care of ourselves.

Tips on self-care

  • Prioritize your family's schedule. Eliminate things that are not important. 
  • Practice self care, take a bath or read a good book, do something to relax!
  • Avoid HALT, don't get too Hungry, Anger, Lonely or Tired.
  • Have family fun together. Pick a family hobby, ride bikes or go to the beach. 
  • Get family support, hire a teenager or trade childcare with another family.
  • Get support by talking with a friend, join a support group, or seek counseling.
  • Fulfill a dream! Do something you always wanted to do. Joy decreases stress.

Some might wonder, "Why make changes, everything is fine?" Sometimes, we can get so used to going fast that we may be stressing our kids out without realizing it. Take a minute to assess your needs as a parent. If you practice good self-care, it models to your kids how important it is to take care of yourself emotionally and physically in order to live a happier life. I hope this helps!

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