Tips To Manage Anger

Many people have trouble handling anger in a healthy way. We don't get taught healthy expressions of anger. Either you explode, hold it in or it leaks out in mean or sarcastic comments.

If you had poor examples of anger growing up. you repeat the same behavior or so the exact opposite. Unfortunately, the opposite isn't necessarily healthy.

The goal is to be able to know when to speak it and when to walk away. Expressing anger effectively can decrease stress, improve relationships, parenting and self esteem and parenting.

Here are some helpful tips.

  • Recognize when you FIRST feel any anger or annoyance. Catching it early can prevent blow ups.
  • HANDLE IT. Take a walk, call a friend, get outside, meditate, write in a journal, listen to music.
  • Let your partner know you need a break and you'll be back at a specific time.
  • Keep your word and come back on time, especially if trust is lost. 
  • If you are still mad, suggest talking tomorrow when you are calm. 
  • Read Tips for Better Communication to help you talk it out.

If your partner tries to stop you from leaving BREATHE, reassure them you will return, then leave the room quickly without physical contact (do not touch your partner since this can escalate things ). Leave the house, not another room where you can start up again, so you take the space to cool off. 

Sometimes, our partners test us or get upset because we haven't kept our word. If that happens, admitting our wrongs can go a long way. Trust can begin when you change your behavior and become accountable. This often starts the healing process. This shows intregrity not weakness to admit when we are wrong.

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