Relationship Rehab 

Helping you create healthy relationships one tip at a time

Relationships are challenging but with the right tools, they are SO much more satisfying.

Topics covered in my blog: 

  • Improving relationships
  • Managing anger affectively
  • Setting and understanding boundaries 
  • Improving self-care and self-esteem 
  • Communicating with integrity and handling conflict 
  • Coping with difficult emotions and stress
  • Recovering from alcohol and codependency 

Let's get you started! I know what it's like to struggle in relationships - but I also know what it's like to be on the other side of it!

Here you'll also get private access to my resource library that includes:

  • Ebook on The Four Steps to Building Confidence
  • 15 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • 20 Ways to Detach When You Need A Break
  • My free 5 day email course on Catching Your Anger Before It Hurts
  • 10 Tips for Transforming Your Relationships
  • The Four Relationship Killers (and how to prevent them)

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