Do you feel like your always giving but don't get much back?  

Do you have trouble putting yourself first?

You are everyone's superhero but your own. Saying no is almost impossible because you can't risk disappointing people. 

You may have a family member that is struggling with addiction. Friends and family don't always give the best advice.  Being so reliable is exhausting. You don't have any time for yourself but you can't justify taking any either. Underneath, you secretly feel lonely and even resentful. 

Find out if the best way to help is to take care of yourself in an unmanageable situation. Getting the right support in a safe environment makes a difference. You don't have to suffer alone. 

How I can help

 Counseling for codependency and addcition

Counseling for codependency and addcition

Learning how to detach from what is your responsibility and what isn't is the first step. Redirecting the focus back to you is important in getting your energy back.

You may feel emotionally and physically drained by all the chaos. Practicing good self-care, setting boundaries and saying no are all important for you as well as for your children.

Group support like Al-Anon and counseling together is a great combination because you learn the tools for how to take batter care of yourself and accept the things you cannot change. This provides tremendous emotional relief. 

If that's not for you, that's okay. We'll practice these concepts and valuable tools in session so that you can get back to your own life. You deserve to get your needs met too.

Do you have issues with...

Surviving the Holidays When Your Loved One Is Addicted Course PNG.png

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This is a video training and handbook that shows you how to get through the holidays when a loved one is addicted.

  • Getting into relationships that don't work?

  • Not knowing what you want and need?

  • Being generous and giving to a fault?

  • Feel stuck in resentment and can't get out?

  • Low self esteem or feeling right all the time?

  • Unexpressed anger that is leaking out?

  • Setting limits and being able to say no?

It takes courage to think of getting help when you are the one helping everyone else. You deserve to get relief so that you can enjoy life too.

Are you better at taking care of others than yourself?

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