Are old resentments impacting your relationship?
Do you want to be close again but don't know how?

According to The Gottman Institute most people struggle in their relationship for an average of six years before getting help. By then, you feel distant - like just giving up.

The pain of a bad relationship can lead to feeling depressed, isolated, and using substances as an attempt to cope. Staying in a bad relationship takes a toll on self-esteem. It can impact every area of your life.

Do you struggle with these issues in your relationship?

  • Trust has been broken and you don't know how to repair it.

  • Communication is hurtful, abusive or just not working.

  • Difficulty handling you or your partner's anger.

  • You feel like you've drifted apart.

  • You've lost your emotional or sexual connection.

  • Addictions have caused havoc on the family.

If You're Struggling in Your Relationship, You Are Not Alone

Counseling for relationships

Counseling for relationships

If you’re committed to strengthening your relationship, setting aside time to work on it can bring you closer. Couples leaving my office often report feeling more connected after being heard by their partner. Click here to read How to Have Connecting Conversations. 

Couples therapy gives you the space to talk things out safely, and learn valuable skills to transform your relationship. You'll learn how to communicate assertively and move into solutions, rather than stay stuck in hurtful patterns.

Tools you'll learn include:

  • How to communicate more effectively.

  • How to manage the stress and anger that cause problems.

  • How to express past hurts in a healthy way.

  • How self-care improves your relationship.

  • How to avoid blaming and recognize your assumptions.

  • How to listen to your partner and be heard.

If you’re unsure or worried about whether you need to leave the relationship, couples therapy can provide clarity. Personal growth takes time and effort, but being supported through the process gives you the courage to practice new tools and become more confident in your choices.

What If Only One Person Wants Help?

Sometimes only one person wants help. In that case, we'll work together to make small but important changes that make a difference. It only takes one person to change the dynamics.  Over time issues like affairs, betrayals, family disputes and addictions cause tension and hurt. Counseling can get you back on track and rebuild the intimacy and trust that was lost. 

I support couples in pre-marital counseling, co-parenting and amicable divorces. I teach practical skills that can transform relationships. You can enhance intimacy and repair old hurts. You just need to learn how.

Start With a Free Resource on Preventing Divorce

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Find the Right Therapist for You

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