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Meet Michelle

Michelle Farris is a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Jose CA. She holds additional certifications in chemical dependency and anger management.

She works with individuals and couples and is the author of two online publications, The 4 Essential Steps for Building Confidence and The Complete Guide to Catching Anger Before It Hurts.


Speaker Topics

Taming Your Anger

When you don’t grow up seeing healthy anger, it’s easy to repeat the cycle. Exploding in a rage or just avoid feeling angry altogether.

In this one hour talk, Michelle teaches you how to identify the signs of anger and five simple yet effective strategies for managing it. You can transform unhealthy anger quickly and set a healthy example for your kids. 

In this talk, she covers:

  • The difference between unhealthy and healthy anger

  • The three styles of anger and its impact on communication 

  • Five key tools for managing anger

  • How to handle someone else’s anger

  • How to model healthy anger for your kids


How to Create an Amicable Divorce

As painful as getting divorced is, it doesn’t have to become a war. How to end a marriage