Taming Your Anger Online Course

Taming Your Anger Online Course


Are you ready to heal your anger?

This Complete Kit to Taming Your Anger includes an hour long video training and a sixteen page, comprehensive workbook. The video webinar is a recording of a live webinar Michelle Farris, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist. Michelle walks you through how to recognize anger early and teaches you the tools to tame it step-by-step. Her workbook follows the video in chronological order with written exercises to enhance learning and increase awareness. The video includes slides and images to help you change your reactions when your anger is triggered and, as a result, changing your relationships for the better! 

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I created this course from my own personal experience. As a kid I learned to stuff anger in reaction to a family member who raged. That made my relationships difficult as an adult. Being motivated to change, I set out to learn about healthy anger.  Realizing that anger was normal and could actually improve my relationships was exciting! 

Product description:

This course consists of an hour long video webinar and a sixteen page, comprehensive workbook for couples, singles, teens and professionals wanting to learn about healthy anger and assertive communication. 

The course is designed to for anyone wanting to heal their anger and learn the tools to effectively communicate during conflict discussions.

The following topics are included in the course:

  • Find the reasons that contribute to being angry.
  • How family history plays a role in your anger today.
  • How to recognize your anger cues.
  • Know your style of anger and it's strength.
  • Recognize unhealthy anger and learn what healthy anger looks like.
  • Learn 10 tools to handle anger and take care of yourself.
  • See how to handle someone else's anger.

Created for: Individuals, couples, families and professionals. 

Format: Taming Your Anger Course is designed as a PDF downloadable format for you to print and write in at your convenience. Anger training video is designed as a downloadable video format for you to watch, keep on file, and use as often as you like. The download for both products are contained in a zip file. Click the Add to Cart button below and add in your shopping cart. Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent the zip file for download. Click the link and follow the instructions.

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