Are you struggling with anger, food, relationships or substance abuse? Do you need hope that there is a solution?


Relationship Help

Are you struggling in your relationships? Do you get into the same types of relationships again and again with the same results? You may be confused. Why is it that despite all your efforts, your relationships still fail? Over time, these break ups can wear you down and create a sense of hopelessness. You can learn a better way. You can create healthier relationships and stop these negative patterns. A willingness to look at yourself is the first step.

Whether you are looking for relationship help or couples therapy, we will see what’s in the way and how to fix it. There are valuable skills I will teach you that can make a difference quickly. When you learn how to recognize what is a healthy relationship, you are on your way to creating one! Click here to read more about how I work with couples.


Substance Abuse

Is alcohol or drugs impacting your life in ways you can’t control? Are you trying to keep it together but things are starting to slip. Many people struggle with deciding whether or not they have a problem. Relationships may be strained and frequent arguments make it tough to want to go home. Trying to talk with family and friends doesn’t help. You may feel judged and prefer to talk with someone neutral to sort things out. I can help you figure out your next step whether that’s decreasing your use or considering sobriety.  You deserve to get the help you need in a safe confidential environment. Click here to read more.


Anger Management

Are you reacting to the little things more than usual? Are family and friends concerned? In childhood you may have seen anger as exploding or holding it in and leaking out in sarcastic, hurtful comments. It’s normal and healthy to express anger as long as it doesn’t hurt or threaten someone else. Anger signals us that something is wrong but if it gets abusive, it looks like screaming, throwing things, making threats to leave, name-calling and attempts to control others. These behaviors destroy intimacy and trust over time. Click here to read more.

I help individuals and couples who are struggling with relationship problems, grief and loss, divorce, co-parenting, anxiety and depression. We will work together to set goals and practice the skills you need to build confidence and improve relationships. Life gets better if you are willing to begin looking honestly at yourself.


Here you'll find:

  • gentle support and encouragement.
  • ways to cope better with stress. 
  • communication skills to rebuild trust and repair past hurts. 
  • how to feel better about yourself.  
  • tools to prevent relapse and enhance your recovery.
  • ways to handle anger that create safety in relationships.
  • a safe place to talk freely and feel supported.

Please call or text me at (408) 800-5736 or email me at for a free 15 minute phone consultation so you can get the support you need.