Helping You Heal From Habits That Hurt

It is so painful when relationships start to unravel. You have tried talking things out, giving in or hoping things change on their own, but they don't.

When relationships don't work out, it clouds everything else. It is harder to focus at work, listen to your kids, enjoy time with friends.

You try to keep things together but the stress is getting to you. Life is so busy that self-care takes a back seat.

The pressure builds until you lash out at the ones you love, or you use substances like alcohol, food or pills to take the edge off.

But life doesn't have to be this hard. It starts with being willing to do something different. Something isn't working and you feel stuck. Everyone has certain relationship patterns that get in the way from time to time. 

As you learn how to take better care of yourself, stress improves and so does your reactions. Anger gets under control. These things make a difference in relationships.

When you begin to make small but steady changes, you can communicate what you need without hurting someone else.

I help individuals and couples who are struggling with relationship problems, addiction recovery, compulsive eating, anger divorce, co-parenting stressmild anxiety and depression. I offer support and gentle encouragement to look at what's not working.

It doesn't have to stay that way.

Recently I created a course called Taming Your Anger that walks you through how to tame your anger and communicate effectively. If you struggle with anger or resentment, this course provides valuable tools to improve relationships and self- esteem. Once you learn how to change your reactions,  you will change your relationships! Click here to get the details on my Taming Your Anger Course.

When you feel supported you can start to heal, and stop suffering in silence. 


Here you'll find:

  • ways to cope with stress.
  • communication skills to rebuild trust and repair past hurts.
  • how to feel better about yourself.
  • tools to prevent relapse and enhance your recovery.

  • ways to handle anger that work.
  • a safe place to talk freely and feel supported.

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