Trusting Yourself

A hard truth is that you cannot trust others unless you trust yourself.

Trusting yourself means honoring your experience. So if something feels off to you, trust it. Don't dismiss it or call yourself crazy. 

Take the time to figure out what you need in the situation. Trying to change someone else is a common stuck point. Focus on what you need to do or say to take care of yourself. 

Trusting someone else

You've been friends with Katie for years but for some reason you don't really trust her. You dismiss it and tell her something really private  - and she betrays your trust.

Your fears are confirmed, you can't trust her! Looking back you remember that she tends to gossip but since she's been your friend for awhile, you ignored it.  

When you don't trust someone there is a reason.

  • Something in your current relationship is causing you not to trust.
  • Something in your past relationships is impacting your ability to trust.
Trusting yourself and cultivating to your intution

Trusting yourself and cultivating to your intution

The fear of being hurt or betrayed are core issues.

People hurt each other, intentionally and unintentionally all the time. You can't avoid it. It's part of making mistakes and being human. Tracing back where your trust issue started help get to the root of the problem. Writing, seeking therapy or talking to a trusted friend can walk you through it.

What does trust look like?

It may be a gut feeling, an inner voice indicating right action, or in some cases, no action. Some people call it intuition. It feels like a little twinge in your stomach that's unfamiliar. Later you realize you were right. Over time, you learn to pay attention and trust when those feelings surface.

Once you start listening your intuition, rely on it for guidance. In relationships, you'll start to recognize what works for you. You can begin setting healthy boundaries and make better choices.

As you practice this new skill, you will naturally feel more confident in your ability to tell your truth.You'll know when something isn't right and you won't ignore it. It takes time but it's so worth it!