12 Lessons in Recovery (and in Life)

When you learn from difficult experiences, you become stronger. Life gets easier because you begin to trust that everything that happens ( even the tough stuff) provides valuable lessons.  That is when life gets exciting!

Here are some lessons in 12 step recovery (and in life) that keep you on the path.

Lessons learned in 12 step recovery

Lessons learned in 12 step recovery

  1. You have two options, go to any lengths for recovery or keep controlling it and struggle.
  2. If you keep coming back no matter what - you can get through anything sober. 
  3. Doing service helps you work with others, speak up and feel like you belong!
  4. Admitting your powerlessness is the hardest part - and you'll revisit that with each new dilemma.
  5. When things are going well, there is a high risk of relapse.
  6. Surrendering happens only after you've exhausted everything else.
  7. Working with a sponsor teaches you how to trust others and accept yourself.
  8. Meetings are a safe place to go when you feel misunderstood and alone.
  9. The traditions won't matter until you see the unity and safety they provide.
  10. A spiritual awakening is an "ah-ha" moment of clarity that comes from your Higher Power. 
  11. Know that relapse is not your fault. It means there's more work to do.
  12. Being willing to let go of the drama is the beginning of lasting serenity.

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