At first, getting clean and sober felt amazing,
but now you feel stuck.

You're sober but still struggling. You may wonder if sobriety is worth it because you're frustrated and don't know why. If you have a nagging feeling that something isn't right...listen to it.

Learning to listen to your intuition is an important part of recovery.

Shutting off your feelings avoids the pain - for awhile. As a kid that helped you survive, but in recovery not feeling creates problems that lead to relapse.

Handling your emotions sober

Feelings get buried when practicing the addiction. It can take years in recovery to get comfortable with emotions, but counseling gives you the tools to handle life without relapsing.

You are not your past, yet those experiences are a major part of your life. You can use those experiences to build a new foundation.  The 12 Steps work if you understand how they work. Don't give up before the miracle. To read more about what 12 step programs are click here to read 12 Step Myths.

If you are struggling with someone else’s addiction, check out my online course below. it’s a video training plus a workbook to walk you through the holidays without losing your sanity.

Your next steps

We can take your 12 Step recovery to the next level, from maintenance to an opportunity for lasting serenity. Making changes to your recovery program can minimize future relapses. 

Working together, we'll build on your strengths, while identifying the patterns that keep you stuck. If you're not familiar or uncomfortable with 12 Step programs, we can discuss alternatives.  

I can help when:

  • your relationships are in conflict.

  • you feel like it is hard to trust others.

  • you have the sense of "white knuckling it."

  • you are feeling bored in 12 step recovery, not inspired by life.

  • you are starting to miss meetings and think it's okay.

Get Support Today

Together we'll find practical solutions to manage the stress, trauma, and relationship problems in your life. Read my blog on identifying relapse triggers for more information.

Give me a call or text (408) 800-5736, or email me for your free 15 minute phone consultation.