Are you looking for an substance abuse assessment in San Jose? Are alcohol or drugs making your life a mess?

If you need a substance abuse assessment, I can help. if you are required by the court to get one, most likely there has been a DUI recently. You may be confused and not really understand why you need one. We'll work together to help you know where to go from here. 

Getting an assessment can help you make better choices. Often, my clients walk away learning more about themselves and even a few tools to start to handle things differently.

My assessment process

  • Two 50 minute individual sessions
  • A written report submitted to a designated professional
  • Recommendations for your unique situation addressing substance abuse
  • A chance to tell your story and learn possible solutions
  • An opportunity to stop the cycle and make a fresh start

Get Started Today

This a chance to look at what's happening and make some changes. Sometimes, even in the worst of circumstances, you can find the gift. Give me a call or text at (408) 800-5736 for your free 15 minute phone consultation.