Everything You Need to Know About Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Blog Posts

Without healthy boundaries you can't be honest. You don't stand up for yourself or feel comfortable saying no. Boundaries are the limits that you set for yourself. They aren't about changing others. Boundaries require changing yourself -  that's why they're so challenging. You have to know your limits before you can do anything about them.

Healthy boundaries mean that you choose what you participate in and when to you need to remove yourself. 

These six blogs were hand picked because they teach you how and when to set a healthy boundary. Practice one new skill at a time.

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1. How to Start Setting Boundaries

Learning how to set boundaries isn't that hard but it does take some guts and a willingness to put your needs out there. Think about what's important to you. Where in your life do you need to set limits? Click the image to read more!

2. 10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

This is a wonderful blog by Sharon Martin, psychotherapist and codependency expert. She guides you through each step with examples that built off each other. This one will motivate you to start now! Boundaries take prep work but you'll learn how to set them without feeling guilty!

3. 5 Sure Signs It's Time to Set Boundaries

Christie Inge writes about how boundaries impact self-care and create resentment in relationships. She highlights the difference between a boundary and an ultimatum. A great read with some valuable tips that will make you want to speak up! Click the image to read more.

4. 3 Boundaries All Single Women Should Have

Boundaries as a single woman are key to finding the love you truly deserve. This blog has important tips for how to date while keeping your self-respect intact. Interesting take on sexual boundaries too. Without healthy boundaries, dating is a chore, but honoring your limits is the best self-care. Click the image to read more.

For more support, click the image below and learn how to stop unhealthy relationship patterns.

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5. Why You Don't Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries doesn't happen unless you're willing to take a risk. Maybe you're afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or are afraid of conflict. Sometimes the path to change starts with acknowledging what's in the way. Ironically that can provide motivation to move forward. Baby steps count so click the image and learn more!

6. How to Deal with People Who Repeatedly Violate Your Boundaries

Everyone has a relative or friend who flat out ignores your boundaries. These people can be frustrating but they can teach you where you need to draw the line. Sharon Martin again, writes a terrific blog walking you through how to navigate boundaries with more difficult people. Click the image to learn how.

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