A Counseling Blog For Healthy Relationships

Counseling blog for healthy relationships

I fell in LOVE with personal growth in my early twenties (I just turned 50) because it taught me how to create the life I wanted. That's why I became a therapist!

I started my practice to because in my forties I had done enough of my own personal growth that I was eager to show others the path! 

Connecting with people who were struggling in their relationships gave me a sense of fulfillment that nothing else had given me.  Everyone deserves a safe place to tell the truth without judgment.

After starting my practice I created my Facebook page. Creating my own posts made me feel vulnerable. I took topics from life lessons I learned. Would anybody like it? It took time but my page grew. Sharing a piece of myself helped grow my confidence. 

Months later, when I started my blog I didn't know what I was doing. I had no writing experience but I wanted to reach more people. Now, it's 4 years later and I'm so glad I did it. I love connecting with people online. It's very fulfilling to help people all over the world. I never know who will email me or sign up from my free email course. 

I write on a variety of relationship topics to help you:

  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Heal codependent patterns like people pleasing
  • Recognize the gift in your anger 
  • Communicate assertively without guilt
  • Improve relationships by focusing on what you can change
  • Feel more secure within yourself
  • Detach and let go of other people's behaviors

When you know how to take care of yourself in relationships, you feel more authentic. Life gets easier. Boundaries, self-care, accountability, and communicating assertively are focal points in my practice and in my blog. It takes effort but it's better than doing the same thing expecting different results. 

Here are some tools I've created to support you in improving self-esteem, anger and communication so that your relationships can heal.

I’ve created a private resource library including 20 Ways to Detach with Love and 15 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries to help you create amazing relationships.