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Relationships don't work if you put yourself last!


Does this sound familiar?


You are everything to everyone except yourself and you're at your limit

You are starting to feel angry and despite your best intentions, it's staring to leak out

You find yourself making sarcastic comments or lashing out at your kids

You're trying hard to keep it all together but the stress is getting to you

Your relationships aren't working and you're tired of not getting your needs met

You know something isn't working and you feel stuck, helpless and don't know what to do


You have always been the nice girl or the responsible husband


But you're tired



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Life doesn't have to be this hard!


Imagine if...


You could learn how to take better care of yourself and get your emotions under control

You could set healthy boundaries and know what to do if they aren't respected

You could free yourself from feeling guilty that you want something for yourself, for once

You knew how to communicate what you need without hurting anyone

You could nurture your marriage and your family by taking care of yourself first


And the best part? You can make it happen

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Click on the image that best fits how I can help you.



Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm going to help you heal habits that hurt.

I'll help you learn

  • Practical ways to cope with anger and stress
  • How to stop giving at your own expense
  • Communication skills to rebuild trust and repair past hurts
  • What's underneath the anger and why these feelings shouldn't be judged
  • How to feel better about yourself

And I'll show you the tools to...

  • Handle anger that actually work
  • Feel more confident in your relationships
  • Set healthy boundaries so you stop feeling resentful
  • Prevent relapse and enhance your recovery
  • Know how to recognize unhealthy relationships that are hurting you


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Counseling gives you a safe place to talk freely and feel supported without judgment

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