Is anger ruining your relationships?

Most of us aren't taught how to handle anger effectively - especially if you grew up with raging adults, you can form patterns that are hard to break. 

As women, we're taught that anger isn't attractive, so you suppress it. But stuffing emotions causes a lot of stress and resentment, and over time that anger leaks out and hurts the ones you love. 

As a man, maybe anger was role-modeled as abuse. You didn't learn how to express it without being scary. Yelling at your partner, name-calling, throwing things happen when emotions get out of control. Then comes the feeling of regret and shame.

Anger is Natural, But Can Be Destructive

Anger is a natural emotion indicating that something isn't working. You don't have to be embarrassed if you're having trouble managing anger. Be gentle on yourself.  

But if your reactions are getting worse and causing problems in your relationships, it's time to get help. For more on how I work wit hanger read Can We Talk Without Losing It?

Hoping your reactions will go away doesn't work. Instead, that anger comes out when you least expect it. This can lead to abusive behaviors that destroy trust like:

Long-standing resentments
Threatening gestures
Putting others down to feel better
Blocking your partner from leaving
Controlling others with intimidation

Throwing things
Blaming your partner
Giving the silent treatment 

Anger impacts how you feel about yourself. If you're looking for a way to stop, I can help. You can change.

Learn How to Catch Your Anger Early and Avoid Abuse

You can learn to express anger in a way that regains trust. I teach simple tools to catch your anger early and avoid abuse. You'll learn what your anger looks like and what's underneath it. There is always a valid reason why people are angry.

Once you learn the tools, you'll start to manage your emotions better. Stress gets easier to handle.

Getting support makes a difference. If your anger is hurting you or the ones you love, call me. Together, we'll figure out a plan to help you cope without hurting someone.

If you would like more information, read tips on managing anger.

Tools you'll get:

  • Learn what triggers your anger.
  • Learn how to take care better of yourself.
  • Discover how your childhood influenced your reactions.
  • Learn about the cycle of violence and how to stop it.
  • Learn relaxation techniques to calm down.
  • Teach how to communicate effectively and minimize outbursts.

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