Beginners Guide to Conquering Codependent Behaviors

Beginners Guide to Conquering Codependent Behaviors

Originally, codependency was defined as being in a relationship with an alcoholic. Over time that definition expanded to a pattern of dysfunctional relationships that includes issues with control, self-care, setting boundaries and being a "human doing."

Having mutually beneficial relationships becomes an impossible hurdle for the codependent person. It’s too scary to put your needs out there so you ignore them. Identifying what you want is even harder. Because of all this internal chaos, it's difficult to know where to start. 

These five blogs highlight the different problems associated with codependency and help you to start healing.

In this blog you'll learn:

  • What is Codependency?
  • How to Stop People Pleasing and Get What You Want
  • How to Start Setting Boundaries 
  • 3 Codependent Traits that Breed Anger and Resentment 
  • How to Start Recovering from Codependent Relationships 

1. What is Codependency?

It's hard to find a definition of codependency that everyone can agree on. This is not a one size fits all problem. Some relate to being a people pleaser while others have no trouble speaking up for themselves. With so many different traits, it’s confusing to figure out how it applies to you. This blog defines codependency and outlines next steps.

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2. How to Stop People Pleasing and Get What You Want

People pleasing is a common sign of codependency. You want approval more than you want anything else. You feel more comfortable not having needs. Knowing what you need is an issue in most of your relationships. Other people offer to help you but you can't accept it.

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3. How to Start Setting Boundaries

Every relationship needs boundaries. Without them you feel invisible, like your needs never count. This blog helps you understand what boundaries are and what to expect when you start setting them. You'll learn simple ways to set boundaries and put yourself first.

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4. 3 Codependent Traits That Breed Anger and Resentment

This blog focuses on three codependent traits that breed feelings of anger and resentment. These characteristics include the antidotes that you need to heal. As the codependent, change starts with taking care of yourself and not pretending that everything's fine when it's not.

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5. How to Start Recovering from Codependent Relationships 

When you struggle with codependency, relationships look more like reactionships. You can't get your needs met because you're too busy focusing on what everyone else wants. Having needs feels selfish so you deny  what you need and give others too much. This blog gives ten ways to start recovering from codependent relationships.

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