A New Year, Some Healing & A Clean Slate

Some of us are coming off of a difficult year. There were unexpected stressors that made this an exhausting year. Many icons we grew up with died suddenly which made life feel even more delicate.

12 Step sayings like "This Too Shall Pass," "Live and Let Live" and "Keep It Simple" can be a comfort and remind us of what's important like health, family, and home.

My intention for the New Year is to give you hope and support to live a happier life. That's my wish for you!

The New Year is a time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. 

Be gentle with yourself. Life isn't a race. Sometimes, it's finding the lesson in the worst of circumstances and persevering.

Be your awesome self

Be your awesome self

I had my own lesson in humility right before Christmas. I thought I made a huge error so I went to repair it only to realize that after much time and money spent I didn't make the mistake at all!

Wow was I humbled and more than a bit embarrassed. Fear prevented me from double checking my facts. But I learned a lot. So I get it, I'm right there with you!

Practicing acceptance means letting an experience go once it's over. Reliving it just prolongs the pain. 

So like some of you, I am happy to say goodbye to 2016 and start fresh. Now what? 

Set an intention for the New Year. 

However, this blog is not about getting you to do something that you'll later forget. It's about helping you let go of 2016 and create something new.

Start fresh, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and acknowledge progress. THAT takes courage and that's what I love to support you in!

To 2017...let's make it a good one!

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