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Relationships are so challenging - especially without the right tools. Changing ourselves takes courage - and giving lots of support is my job!

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and anger management specialist. After struggling in my own relationships, I got a lot of relief when I found my tribe in support groups.That made all the difference. With the right support, we can heal.

After that, I fell in love with personal growth and became a therapist. I love showing other people how to create meaningful relationships without sacrificing yourself.

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  • The 4 Habits that Ruin Your Relationship Video

  • Videos on anxiety, anger, communication and more!

Plus, every Tuesday I write about topics that teach healthy relationship skills such as:

  • How to communicate in a healthy way

  • Learn conflict management skills

  • Handle anger and stress effectively

  • Set healthy boundaries (and move past the fear)

  • Improve self-care and self-esteem

  • What it takes to have a healthy relationship

  • Dealing with addiction and issues of codependency

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