Types of counseling available to you in San Jose, CA

Here are the services I provide as a licensed marriage and family therapist located in San Jose, CA. This will help you understand more about how I can help.

Individual Therapy

Whether you want to learn how to communicate more effectively, handle emotions and stress, or just feel better, there are specific skills I teach. We can work together to see how thoughts and old beliefs impact behavior. It takes a commitment but getting that unique support can really make a difference! See my home page for more information.

Couples Therapy

I teach couples how to communicate effectively and repair the damage to their relationship. The key is looking at yourself while supporting your partner to do the same. This isn't easy but it's amazing what happens when small changes are made. The tendency is to blame each other but being accountable is what makes the difference. 

We will set goals and practice tools to build more intimacy in your relationship. Skills such as learning to listen, managing emotions, self care, making time together a priority and focusing on the positive can help you feel close to each other again. Click here to read more about couples therapy.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Supporting people in recovery is a very special part of my practice. Whether you're sober or just starting to question your use, getting the right support without feeling judged helps you move forward. There are usually lots of questions about how to handle situations to stay sober. Feel free to look at my addiction page for more information on substance abuse counseling.

Codependency Therapy 

Codependency is often underneath the addictive cycle. It's about focusing on someone else's needs before your own and not taking care of yourself. This explains why sobriety by itself may not produce the results you expect. Examining relationship patterns learned in childhood can enhance your recovery and begin the process of positive change. Check out my page on how I work with these issues of codependency.

Anger Management Counseling

I offer support and effective anger management skills for those needing to change their emotional reactions. Looking at yourself is a sign of strength and shows a readiness to change. You will learn how significant events can set up a pattern of abusive reactions. You can learn how to slow your reactions down by becoming more aware of your triggers.

I believe in positive encouragement, not shame to help clients develop more effective ways to decrease violence. You are not a bad person for reacting in a negative way. You just need the tools and self-awareness to move past it. Counseling can give you a safe place to explore what's happened and learn from it.

Compulsive Eating Disorders

I provide therapy for those struggling with food addiction. This is not a black and white issue since you have to eat to live but you can learn to eat moderately without obsession. I use the 12 Step model because it provides the daily skills to cope with emotions and minimize overeating. You can learn more about my approach on my compulsive eating disorders page.

Substance Abuse Assessments

Alcohol and drug assessments required by the courts are available at my office. The assessment includes two 50 minute sessions and a detailed written  report.

Online Therapy 

Online sessions are available by request to anyone currently living in California. Sessions are conducted in Zoom or by telephone. The platform is free and easy to use. Certain psychological issues are not appropriate for online therapy. Sessions are 30, 50 or 60 minute sessions depending on need. Please call Michelle to discuss if this is an appropriate option for you.

Get Started Today

You can create the kind of relationships you'll be proud of. Learning how to put yourself first is an art that will lessen resentment and hurt. Give me call or text for your free 15 minute phone consultation.